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Dr. Clara Belen Giachetti PostDoc fellow
Grupo de Ecología en Ambientes Costeros (GEAC), Argentina
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member

Member of Media and Communication Working Group
Expertise During my undergrad thesis research, I pursued my passion for marine biology by studying the taxonomy of Tanaidacean. After I graduate, I have become interested in the ecology of invasions with a focus on uncovering how the introduction of a new species affects and changes local communities. Therefore, during my PhD, I have studied how different ecological processes, such as predation and reproductive ecology, influence the dominance of invasive species in fouling communities of port areas, susceptible to species’ introduction. Using field and aquarium experiments, I have obtained important evidence about the key role of benthic predators in reducing the dominance of invasive ascidians, contrasting to what was expected according to the hypothesis of stronger biotic resistance and biological interactions in low latitudes. I have also co-authored the first guide of marine-coastal exotic species of Argentina, a useful tool for park rangers, scuba divers, and the general public to identify and report exotic species occurrences, which helps the scientific community to better map their distribution. Moreover, I have collaborated on two projects related to the management of invasive species: the early detection of three invasive species, and the development of an alternative for hull fouling management in Argentina.
Expertise Keywords
Marine invasive species Fouling communities Marine ports Predation Artificial structures
Southwestern Atlantic Argentinean Sea
Ascidacea Tanaidacea
Sea squirts Tanaidaceans
Projects Ecological patterns and processes that determine success in the colonization of invasive species in port areas
Online databases
Editorial assignments Associate Editor in BioInvasions Records
Reviewing experience BioInvasions Records (2), Journal of Environmental Management (1), Environmental Monitoring and Assessment (1), Aquatic Ecology (1), Marine Biodiversity Records (1), Ecology (1), Biological Invasions (1), Marine Ecology Progress Series (1)
Professional societies InvasivesNet
Expert networks and working groups Grupo de Ecología en Ambientes Costeros (CONICET-CENPAT), Puerto Madryn, Argentina
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