International Association
for Open Knowledge
on Invasive Alien Species
Individual Member Profile
Dr. Shane Robert Siers Research Biologist
Hawaii Field Station, Island Invasives Project
USDA APHIS WS National Wildlife Research Center
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Associate Editor of Management of Biological Invasions
Expertise Applied research into the ecology and management of island invasive vertebrates, primarily rodents, small mammal predators, and reptiles.
Expertise Keywords
Chemical control Brown Treesnakes Invasive reptiles Island rodent eradications Wildlife ecology Invasion biology Conservation biology Applied research Restoration ecology
Islands Pacific Islands Hawaii Guam Northern Mariana Islands
Rodentia Herpestes Sauria Boiga irregularis
Rodents Mongoose Reptiles Brown Treesnakes
Online databases
Editorial assignments
Reviewing experience Management of Biological Invasions, Biological Invasions, Herpetologica, Herpetological Review, Crop Protection, International Journal of Pest Management, Journal of Urban Ecology, Micronesica, Island Invasives Conference Proceedings
Professional societies Invasivesnet The Wildlife Society Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles Ecological Society of America Society for Conservation Biology
Expert networks and working groups Brown Treesnake Technical Working Group Brown Treesnake Technical Working Group Research Committee Wildlife Services Island Restoration Committee
Professional social networks
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