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Dr. Emiliano Mori Post-Doc
Department of Life Sciences
Department of Life Sciences - University of Siena
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Associate Editor of BioInvasions Records
Expertise I mainly work on alien mammals, with special reference to rodents and other small mammals (Erinaceomorpha, Soricomorpha). I took part to the COST Action on invasive parrots in Europe, named "ParrotNET".
Expertise Keywords
Hystrix cristata; Rodentia; Introduced alien species.
Hystrix cristata
Psittacula krameri
Online databases
Editorial assignments
Reviewing experience “Acta Oecologica”, “Acta Zoologica Bulgarica”, “Archives of Biological Sciences”, “Ardea”, “Ardeola”, “Atti della Società Toscana di Scienze Naturali”, “Biologia”, “Biological Invasions”, “Biotechnic & Histochemistry”, “Bird Study”, “Current Zoology”, “Ethology, Ecology and Evolution”, “European Journal of Ecology”, “European Journal of Protistology”, “European Journal of Wildlife Research”, “Forests”, “Hystrix the Italian Journal of Mammalogy”, “Hydrobiologia”, “International Journal of Pest Management”, “Italian Journal of Zoology”, “Journal of Arid Environments”, “Journal of Raptor Research”, “Journal of Zoology, London”, “Mammal Review”, “Mammalia”, “Mammalian Biology”, “Management of Biological Invasions”, “PeerJ”, “PlosONE”, “PNAS”, “PNAS India”, "Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy”, “Rendiconti Lincei”, “Royal Society Open Science”, “Scientific Reports”.
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