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Dr. Joana Dias Postdoc
University of Southern Mississippi
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Associate Editor of Management of Biological Invasions
Expertise I studied agronomy and marine biology and am a keen traveler and diver. During my PhD at Marine Scotland Science and postdoc at the Western Australia Department of Fisheries I specialized in the development of DNA-based methods for aquaculture, marine biosecurity and fisheries management. I took on molecular biology because of its crucial role in addressing natural resources management and biodiversity conservation issues. I spent short periods at Bogor Agricultural University in Indonesia, the Trace and Environmental DNA (TrEnD) Lab at Curtin University in Australia and the International Ocean Governance and Sustainable Fisheries unit of the European Commission DG MARE in Brussels. I am currently an NRC fellow at NOOA NWFSC in collaboration with the University of Washington in Seattle USA.
Expertise Keywords
Molecular Biology, DNA barcoding, Real-time PCR, Environmental DNA, Marine, Freshwater, Conservation, Biosecurity, Aquaculture, Fisheries
Europe, Australia, Indonesia, USA

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Editorial assignments Associate Editor to Management of Biological Invasions
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