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Dr. Calum MacNeil Researcher
The Cawthron Institute
New Zealand
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Deputy Editor-in-Chief of Management of Biological Invasions
Advisory Editor of Aquatic Invasions and BioInvasions Records
Expertise BSc in biology fr om the University of Stirling, Scotland and a PhD on the ecosystem impacts of freshwater invasive amphipod ‘shrimps’ from The Queen’s University of Belfast, N. Ireland. Over 20 years experience as a freshwater ecologist and published 70+ peer reviewed papers and 25+ government/consultant reports. Have worked on glacial salmon stream ecology in Alaska, on the water quality of New Zealand lakes (NIWA), macroinvertebrate community structure and trophic ecology in Scottish highland streams, the impacts of ‘killer shrimp’ amphipods in the Netherlands (as the winner of a LINKECOL award), the impacts of sewage on lake ecology of the largest expanse of freshwater in Western Europe – Lough Neagh, N. Ireland (INTERREG) and the role of invasive macroinvertebrates and parasites on community ecology including fish diets and water quality monitoring in Irish and English rivers. He has also worked as a freshwater ecologist for the Environment Agency in the UK and recently as the Freshwater Biologist and Environmental Protection Officer for the Isle of Man Government, wh ere he was in charge of river biological and chemical monitoring, sea bathing water quality monitoring, pollution investigations and enforcement/prosecution, government press releases (to BBC and others) and policy development (including post-BREXIT). An international referee for the research bodies of several different governments.
Expertise Keywords
freshwater pollution, biomonitoring, water chemistry, macroinvertebrate taxonomy, macroinvertebrate ecology, fish ecology, enforcement and regulation, legislation and policy development, sea bathing water quality, Water Framework Directive, amphipods, freshwater invaders, Gammarus, Dikerogammarus, electrofishing, field sampling, freshwater parasites, parasite ecology, Japanese Knotweed, glacial streams, fish diets
River and lake freshwaters, sea bathing waters, Britain, Ireland, Isle of Man, New Zealand, Australia, Alaska, Netherlands

Online databases
Editorial assignments Deputy Editor-in-Chief Management of Biological Invasions Advisory Editor Aquatic Invasions / Bioinvasions Records
Reviewing experience Animal behaviour, Plos One, Hydrobiologia, Applied Ecology, Oecologia, Applied Limnology, Polar Biology, Management of Biological invasions, Aquatic invasions, Bioinvasions Records
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