International Association
for Open Knowledge
on Invasive Alien Species
Individual Member Profile
Dr. Tatenda Dalu Senior Lecturer
Biology and Environmental Sciences
University of Mpumalanga
South African Republic
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Associate Editor of Aquatic Invasions and BioInvasions Records
Expertise I employ my expertise in plankton ecology, trophic ecology, environmental monitoring and assessment, biodiversity and conservation to test ecological theory and to understand and develop approaches for solving diverse environmental problems. Recently invasion and functional ecology has fascinated me and I am involved in a number of projects on the two subjects.
Expertise Keywords
Plankton ecology, Trophic ecology, Biodiversity and conservation, Invasion ecology

Plankton, Macroinvertebrates, Fish
Projects For projects, see my research webpage (
Online databases
Editorial assignments
Reviewing experience I am a reviewer for a number of international journals such as Science of the Total Environment, Hydrobiologia, Global Change Biology, African Journal of Aquatic Science, Freshwater Biology, Biodiversity and Conservation, Environmental Science and Pollution Research
Professional societies British Ecological Society, Royal Society of South Africa, Southern African Society of Aquatic Scientists, Association for Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography
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