International Association
for Open Knowledge
on Invasive Alien Species
Individual Member Profile
Dr. Laura Garzoli Permanent Researcher
National Research Council - Water Research Institute CNR-IRSA
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Executive Committee member
Associate Editor of BioInvasions Records
Member of Media and Communication Working Group
Expertise Basic research: fungal taxonomy, physiology, and phylogeny, bat ecology, functional zoology related to alien crayfish. Applied research: conservation and management of bat populations, management of alien crayfish, fungal application in biotechnology, including bioactivity and degradation of complex substrates, fungal pathology.
Expertise Keywords
Biodiversity, Conservation Biology, Ecosystem services, Marine Ecology, Invasive Species, Marine Biodiversity, Wildlife Biology, Zoology, Marine Biology, Microbial Ecology, Plant Pathogens, Freshwater Ecology, Aquatic Ecosystems, Fungi, Mycology, Fungal Diversity, Molecular Mycology, Secondary Metabolites, Biological Pest Control, Marine Biotechnology, Marine Microbiology, Marine Protected Areas, Bats
Italy, Mediterranean Sea, Lake Maggiore, Alps, Atlantic Ocean.
Crustacea Decapoda Cambaridae Crustacea Decapoda Astacidae
Projects YES!BAT SPAM (allochthonous species in the Lake Maggiore)
Online databases
Editorial assignments
Reviewing experience Crustaceana - Journal of Crustacean Research
Professional societies
Expert networks and working groups Barilla Center for Food and Nutrition GIRC -Italian Chiroptera Research Group Lista Vertebrati
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