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Dr. Joćo Canning-Clode Principal Investigator
MARE – Marine and Environmental Sciences Centre
Position in the INVASIVESNET Associate Member
Associate Editor of Aquatic Invasions
Expertise I have broad interests and formal training in marine biology, community ecology, marine biogeography and invasion biology and have focused my research primarily on marine benthic communities. I have developed a solid baseline of knowledge about the taxonomy and ecology of marine benthic organisms, and my approach combines intensive descriptive and experimental field data with statistical models to test key questions.
Expertise Keywords
Biological invasions; climate change; cold spells; heat waves; Caribbean Creep; African Creep; Macaronesia; Heavy metal pollution; marine litter; microplastics; range expansion; Madeira; vectors of introduction; coastal development
Caribbean Creep; African Creep; Macaronesia; Madeira; Portugal; Azores; Canary Islands; Cape Verde

Online databases
Editorial assignments Guest Editor for a special issue on Biological Invasions for Environmental Research. Editorial Board of Arquipelago - Life and Marine Sciences
Reviewing experience Biofouling; Biological Invasions; BioInvasions Records; Citizen Science - Theory and Practice; Diversity and Distributions; Ecology Letters; Ecological Indicators; Ecosphere; Environmental Monitoring and Assessment; Environmental Research; Helgoland Marine Research; Journal of Ecology; Journal of Sea Research; Marine Biodiversity; Marine Biodiversity Records; Marine Biology; Marine Biology Research; Marine Ecology; Marine Ecology Progress Series; Marine Environmental Research; Marine Pollution Bulletin; Mediterranean Marine Science; PLoS ONE; Scientia Marina
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