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June 2021 issue of Aquatic Invasions is now online!

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The June 2021 issue of Aquatic Invasions offers a fascinating combination of new species introductions recorded in widely separated regions and more theoretical assessments of their potential spread and effects.

The Galapagos Islands were one of the key areas visited by Charles Darwin in his discovery of evolution. It is worrying to see that an ever-increasing number of introduced species are being found on the island, in this case, Dale Calder and colleagues report hydroid introductions.

In the North Pacific, Cheol Yu and others report on bryozoans along the South Korean coast.

In two papers, Ross Robertson et al. record the Indo-Pacific damselfish Neopomacentrus cyanomos in Trinidad and the Gulf of Mexico. The two isolated populations are separated by 3000 km of ocean, but are linked by occupying areas of offshore petroleum production.

The changing world climate will accelerate anthropogenic introductions. This phenomenon is addressed by Paola Parretti et al. in their comparison of a non-indigenous amphipod and its congener in a future climate change scenario in the Portuguese Atlantic archipelago of Madeira.

In another part of the world Joana Dias and others continue their studies of the ascidian Didemnum perlucidum in Australia.

Over in the Baltic Sea, Sven Matern and others compare diet and feeding strategies of the invasive round goby Neogobius melanostomus and a native species.

Still with fish, Liang Peng et al. discuss the potential impacts of non-native tilapia on fish catch and plankton structure in southern China.

In a more synthetic study, Fleming and colleagues bring together data on the influences of biotic and abiotic factors on invasive macrophyte occurrence.

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